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it’s interesting how some violas change color on petals with new blooming viola seed, self-seeding plants, easy to grow and bees love them sweet – smelling, cheerful faces, colors for all seasons, easy to grow, especially for balcony garden, and violas are very photogenic 🙂 On the Hunt for Joy Challenge: Week 17 – Start a Garden FOTD photo a day colors and letters


Flower seeds, violas, snapdragons, marigolds, dandelions. Strawberry have seeds on the outside, each seed is technically a separate fruit that has a seed inside of it. Paprika flakes with seeds, mix peppers and poppy seeds. Apple seeds For  Travel theme: Seeds

Viola flower seeds

Each pod contains seeds densely arranged in 3 rows. Store them in a paper bag or envelope in a cool dry place. Violas flowers – a self-seeding flowers, the pods are often explosive and scatter the seeds widely. Violas are easy to start from seed. Sprinkle 2-3 seeds in each pot and cover lightly with soil and water well.

Snapdragon transformation

Dried Snapdragon seed pods   Snapdragon transformation Snapdragons make cute flowers, but when the seed pods dry, they look like tiny skulls  🙂 Also known as the dragon flower, its common name derives from the resemblance of the flower to a dragon’s head. Harvest a few of those odd-looking seedpods and you can save snapdragon seeds for planting next spring. Put the seeds in a paper envelope and store them in a cool, dark place. Dried Snapdragons, You may also like Dried Marigolds Transformation