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Jupiter with moons and stars Moon Jupter and Saturn Venus and red star Antares, bright star-like lies low see after sunset Earthshine, glowing moon clouds and stars Lunar corona, moon corona, colorful rings layers of the colorful clouds colors and letters

Looking Up/Down

Looking down – reflections on sea Looking up – Venus, Moon, Jupiter with moons and Saturn always fun watching the sun slowly going down over the horizon and looking up at the stars and planets my astrophotography here Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #164 – Looking Up/Down colors and letters letter L


Venus see after sunset Arcturus orange star high above Venus Antares red and Dschubba blue color stars close together in the sky Jupiter with moons and Saturn Jupiter and Saturn close together in the sky Sept 4, 5 ,6, 2021, the little star shining near Venus will be Spica blue-white colors and letters