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Pink flowers

Gorgeous tiny pink flowers covering the whole plant, sweet pink flowers and dark green leaves. Very beautiful low-growing shrub in street jardiniere. Pink Tea Tree, Leptospermum Pink Cascade, Peach blossom Tea Tree, Pink Manuka colors and letters photo a day


My Blossom featured on WordPress Discover Prompts 🙂 WordPress Discover Daily Prompts for the month of April: Lilac – Sunset – Sunset – Chamomile cake – Swans – Blossom – Blossom – Lilac painting – Cupcakes – Blossom – View – Sea – Blossom


Bees with  pollen baskets, some of bees have yellow clumps along their hind legs. Honeybees communicate in a dance language called the waggle dance – the precise speed and form of their waggles tells other bees where to go, very interesting bees around the world can understand one another 🙂 colors and letters photo a day