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January colors and letters

Fun photo challenge with colors and letters Daily inspirationCreate a post with picture of your interpretation of the prompt.Create a pingback (link to this post) , add a link in the comment section below. Post daily, weekly, whenever you like. Visit other Colors and Letters entries by following their links.Challenge your creativity inspired with colors and letters. Thanks for joining the fun Wishing you a very happy and colorful January Note: if your pingback is not showing please add a link in the comment Very Peri is the Color of the Year 2022 Wishing you a very Happy 2022!


My most interesting to photograph violas and all flowers sea, waves, by the sea cakes, food photos embroidery, crochet my drawings and watercolors Nature and art. What are your favorite subjects to photograph? For Summer inspiration: Photo A Day Challenge All-Time Favorites

Pretty violas

Little pretty violas with happy faces, they have such a happy look on their bright little faces, as they’re smiling at you. I’ll miss this challenge. I liked this weekly meeting. All-Time Favorites For Summer inspiration: Photo A Day Challenge

Kelyfos – turtle island

Kelyfos (shield) or Chelona (turtle) uninhabited small island of Halkidiki, its name comes from its shape, that looks like a turtle shell. With pines and wild olive trees, wild goats and sea gulls. Underwater world around Kelyfos is very interesting to explore, very popular for scuba diving exploration. Place in the World Start with I