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Raison D’être

(tanka, concrete “shape” poetry)

I write because I love to write, I always did, even as a child. For as long as I can remember I’ve made up stories and loved escaping in my imaginary world. Writing is a creative passion that gives me great pleasure. I write poetry, and I don’t believe that you have to suffer in order to create real art.

I’ve always loved to write, draw and paint. It feels like it is just part of my nature.

(my paintings)

Creation of art is therapeutic for overcoming perfectionism. 🙂

Perfectionists worry about every detail and it’s exhausting, making no mistakes and in control of their emotions, and this goes hand in hand with anxiety and stress.

I think art helps me express my feelings and relieve stress and creativity is freedom to throw out all the rules to achieve extremely high standards and simply to enjoy the process/creating, allowing yourself to make mistakes, actually there is no right or wrong in art. Even writing post is practice and discipline to worry less, and be happier, have fun, making art from pretty much anything.

I am passionate about art and writing and find it to be pleasurable and therapeutic. It’s important to nurture your creative nature!

As we know Plato sees art as therapeutic: it is the duty of poets and painters to help people live good lives. And I hope for my art that can inspire others to see themselves and the world around them in a more beautiful way.

In response to Weekly Discover Challenge: Raison D’être
Why do you create? Why do you write? Paint? Draw? Cook? Sculpt?
Raison D’être  and again pingback doesn’t work


  1. Indeed the relationship between creativity and perfectionism is complex, requires passion and commitment… it’s a great talent, to perceive the world in new ways, thinking, then producing.


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