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close up of the moon’s surface

Early scientists thought the dark areas of the moon might be seas, and they called maria, which is Latin for “seas” (maria-seas, mare-sea)

Mare Cognitum Sea that has become known
Mare Crisium Sea of Crises
Mare Fecunditatis Sea of Fecundity
Mare Frigoris Sea of Cold
Mare Humorum Sea of Moisture
Mare Imbrium Sea of Rain
Mare Insularum Sea of Islands
Mare Nectaris Sea of Nectar
Mare Nubium Sea of Clouds
Mare Tranquillitatis Sea of Tranquility
Mare Serenitatis Sea of Serenity
Mare Vaporum Sea of Vapor
Oceanus Procellarum Ocean of Storms

Terminator line is the dividing line between the light and dark side of the moon.

CMMC – August Close Up or Macro

colors and letters

(Moon July 28)


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